Lily Collins shoot – Soho Hotel

I’ve been asked to blog more & more about celebrity portraits, one to give some insight into my lighting and secondly ” whats such & such like.

So I get a call can you go and shoot Lily Collins for those who don’t know. The shoots happening at 2pm. I get there early but cant set up as theres a film crew in full swing.

Although its the Soho Hotel which is totally amazing its still a hotel.

I use 2 Quadra Elinchrom heads and a Quantum Q Flash as a hair light and background. All my gear is Canon and I favour a 35mm 1.4L. Also i have a 135mm f2 canon but im almost in the next hotel room oppisite the corridor.  I use pocket wizards to control the lights from Calumet|searchterm:pocket|wizards&tracking=|searchterm:pocket|wizards.

As a photographer I get to maybe 15 – 20 minutes with someone but a lot of the times its more like 5 minutes. Sometimes its a case of praying the journalist dosen’t upset them to much that by the time I shoot them there looking like a business portrait.

I like using with a I use in Bloomsbury in London.

Lily was great I pumped out “Dirty Hits” by Primal Scream, thank god for Iphone ports in the hotel wired up to speakers.

Her publicist kindly left me to get on with my job, a sign thats she’s very confident and very welcomed, 15 minutes isnt long when the pressures on, and theres hair and make up, last thing you need is a business mtg going on as well.





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